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SonicState Freeware AU Plugins Podcast

Posted on | July 15, 2007 | No Comments

audio_units.pngI was listening to the special SonicState Freeware AU Plugins Postcast last night, and it was an interesting ten minutes, of many reasons. Mark Tinley did an excellent survey of existing free plugins, and showed various samples of how they sounded. If you have those and let’s say the iLife GarageBand, you could with little means do a lot of music.

Anyway, it was not just the information that was interesting, it was the podcast itself. Mark tweaked his voice left and right with various plugins, and made the whole podcast a weird and interesting audio journey using effects and all kinds of edits. Just listening to that presentation was a reward.

Which leads to my current vacation deep thought thinkings — it happens when you relax that you start to get insights you don’t usually get when the brain is in high gear.

In this age of mixes and music available in the hundreds of releases each week on Internet, you really need to stand out from the massive crowd. Doing an interesting podcast with information, spoken words, and more radio-entertainment centric and personalized would most definitely help in this regard. My bold prediction is that more producers and DJs will start doing personalized podcasts with them speaking about music, music making, music business, and so on.

I will start something similar shortly, as well, stay tuned.


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