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Sonic State Podcasts

Posted on | July 11, 2007 | 1 Comment

sonic_state.pngSomething that is nice with a vacation is that you have finally time to go through that big pile of books that have been collected next to your bed. And nowadays it’s the same with podcasts you have not had time to listen to.

I’ve gone through half of the Sonic State Podcasts that I subscribed to months ago, and I like them. It’s a combination of three to five audio pundits talking about new audio gear, plugins, old nostalgia trips, and so on. Sometimes it goes into totally non-audio directions, but then I forgive them as in the next sentence they talk about something intriguing concerning audio gear and techniques.

So yes, if you have time, check them out, they are up to 51 episodes as I write, and they are each 20-30 minutes long, so it should not take so long to catch up.

Which made me think. I’m sure there’s a time and space for more similar audio-related discussion podcasts. Maybe there are more you recommend — if so leave a message. Otherwise, let’s say if someone had time to put together a similar kind of podcast, using Skype, and talking about DJ and dance-music production related topics, I’m sure that would also become a very good thing. If someone starts it, count me in as one of the ones you could use as one of the pundit wannabes.


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