Something Everything Episode 1

rainbow-of-pink-bridge001.pngOk, here’s my new channel to export music from my studio — Something/Everything. Follow the link and you get instructions how to subscribe to the podcasts.

I will update this web site with the same info soon, as well.

I will write more about the ideas behind this podcast series soon. Shortly:

  • It’s a way for me to export a lot of music. that is just now on the hard disk.
  • I wanted to experiment with an ‘album’ concept, but using podcasts.
  • Another reason why to work in the studio and create more music, hehehe.
  • Also a reason to fix my microphone voice, ouch.

PS: I just did changes in the graphics, and noticed that just deleting and reloading the podcast didn’t update with the new version — at least with my system — so the workaround is to unsubscribe and resubscribe to the podcast, and this way get the new version.


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