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Social Networking and the Musician

Posted on | December 4, 2009 | 1 Comment

socialnetworkingIt’s kind of assumed that any artist, musician or producer should have a social presence on social networks. If a label handles everything, they take care of it, otherwise it’s really a matter of doing it yourself or hire someone to work on this. With no social network presence, your whole Internet marketing activity is pretty much a dead end.

As for the current state… I think MySpace is stagnating even more; artists are linking to each other and the fans go away. Facebook tries to become a more generic social network but it has it’s ideas about friends and family that does not really work that well with a generic system. Twitter has its use but it’s real-time updates with no long-term two-way communication options between fans and artists.

Then there’s all the rest, iMeem,,, Discogs and all kinds of other wannabies. You start to see the problem, how to update and maintain all those connections. I’ve kind of given up and I’m using SoundCloud to pump out new music now and then to various social network locations.

Me thinks there’s again a time and place for the next MySpace, but this time done right. Maybe Spotify and/or Mog could take this role in combination with exploring and finding artists. MySpace never handled the band promotion properly. Just the aesthetic look of the sites were appalling.

Another option might be sites that collect other social network information and present them in one place — I would expect such aggregators to start showing up. Meanwhile, being network social eats up precious time that could be spent in the studio or practicing live events.


One Response to “Social Networking and the Musician”

  1. Alexis
    December 6th, 2009 @ 2:21 AM

    Seems right what you’re saying. I have linked my blog with facebook and twitter and it appears to get some more views but all in all I don’t think that this will push my music forward. In fact there’s need for a new platform for musicians on the internet which combines all the advantages of the single ones. But why do you think is a wannabie? In my oppinion exactly this way of recommendation-system is what all the other platforms failed to do. The idea of aggregation is good. But I don’t have a clue how such a meta-platform will look. Anyway, I’ll go in my bedroomstudio now and do somethin reasonable.

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