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Sleepy Cat and the State of Electronic Music Today

Posted on | June 12, 2010 | No Comments

sleepy catWhat do you call a painter that only uses two colors?

Anyway, about three plus years ago I got a negative epiphany about the whole world of electronic music. It started during a vacation to Santa Barbara and San Diego. While we spent time at the beach and otherwise visited places, I spent spare times working on a 12-track minimalist electronic music album. Maybe spent five hours or so to put this together.

As I realized this was a no-brainer, it daunted that creating music without a challenge is not worth pursuing for me at this point of time. It’s taken me years to even get back and work on electronic music. Meanwhile I had fun with live music, playing with real musicians, guitar, bass, keyboards, singing and so on. That was a challenge as you really have to stretch out musically on-stage, no time to do fixes, nudges and otherwise rely on quantization.

So after all these years I wanted to again check the state of electronic music. Maybe was hoping that some new genre that would for us musicians create an intellectual challenge would have appeared. I was kind of hoping but didn’t expect any miracles. And so it was. Nothing new.

For me, it’s fascinating to realize that in all the musical domains, the electronic music domain has the biggest palette of sounds, patterns, melodies and arrangements available. No limits. While the musicians working in this domain are narrowing things down to small sections rather than having fun with all the possibilities. There are exceptions with some artists and bands so there’s always hope.

For example, someone should sit down and actually write good pop songs with smart and unexpected electronic arrangements. Lady Gaga is making millions with that kind of approach.

Anyway, as there’s always some glimmer I’ve started working on electronic music, releasing it with various pseudonyms left and right. But for me it’s more of figuring out how to really extend the domain of electronic music without falling into the trap of doing 4/4 kick drums with some snares and some glitches to make it electro-techno.

My youngest cat has taken over the studio, it’s her domain now.


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