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Simple Ways to Loose Weight

Posted on | July 26, 2007 | No Comments

red_street_evening.jpegYes, this is not a music-related posting, I will send that one out tonight, but it’s a good topic for any creative person sitting most of the time in a studio, and noticing their waste line go up over time. Overweight is bad, bad, leads to all kinds of side-effects, higher blood pressure, triggers other kinds of things the body can’t handle. And you want to make music until you are super-senior, right?

If you work within 5-10 miles (7-10km or so) distance from work, use a bike. If you bike 40-60 minutes every day, and stop at traffic lights, and again pedal quite a lot, it’s like going to the gym every day for close to an hour. But you need to get to work and back, anyway, and you do two things at the same time, saving time for studio work!

The more you walk around at work, the better. Take lots of breaks. It’s interesting that if you work standing, you move more around, loosing more calories, than constantly sitting. It helps with your back, too. Always use stairs rather than the elevator, unless you work in a high rise, not fun walking 20-40 levels of stairs. When parking a car, place it the furthermost from the office entrance, plenty of space, and forces you to move more.

If you eat a big lunch, or dinner, it will just cause it harder to get rid of such calories, not to speak of being tired after the lunch. Take smaller portions.

Drink a lot of water, the stomach is happy it’s full and does not complain. Carborated water a.k.a soda is full of calories, by the way.

And never, never do what I did, went back to Finland and tried to remember my childhood days by eating candy I used to purchase when I was a kid…


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