Fun Side Projects

tweaker-mixer-002.jpegI think it’s good to have a side line project as a lightweight hobby, something that is not so serious and requires a lot of polishing and thinking. This way you don’t feel so much pressure, and could even have fun in the studio. Sometimes I think all those aliases with known producers are for the same reason — to do something fun without worrying so much about either commercial or social acceptance.

One thing I’ve done for a while is to make various mixes for a friend for aerobics instructions, and similar mixes for my wife when she goes to the gym. Usually my friend is so nice that she accepts any kind of music, even experimental strange stuff, wonder how it would be to take an aerobics class with some of the material I’ve given her.

With my wife I’ve recently done mixes that try to be as eclectic as possible, mixing together as many possible music styles as there exist, from one extreme to another within five minutes. Again, I don’t know if I would like to release those publicly. They are rough, and I don’t spend hours cleaning them up, but they are indeed strange-fun stuff, and it’s great spending 2-3 hours just having great fun and doing crazy plugin experiment with let’s say acapellas mixed with ambient music mixed with drum&bass loops.

There’s another form of musical experiments I’ve done for a while that is also I think creative and opens up a lot of musical ideas, more in the next posting about that concept.

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  1. So very true. For me, mixing *is* my side project, and it’s able to be a side project mainly due to Ableton.

    It’s turning into an expensive side project, but nevertheless… :)

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