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Selam Part Two

Posted on | March 25, 2009 | No Comments

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This was part of a project some years ago to make Sufi music. I’m not a Muslim, but I got fascinated about Sufist music, the whirling ceremonies of the Derwishes, Rumi’s poetry and so forth. You could read more about it at this page.

I still don’t know what to do with this four part Selam series, Sufist music has four selams, each with a specific theme that I tried to compose down.

There were some funny misunderstandings, too. I assumed that derwish music was fast, it’s not, so all four pieces are 150bpm, the third one is 75bpm  which is kind of 150bpm.

Each Selam is also long, over twelve minutes each, hence this download is a bigger one.

The compositions have hundreds and hundreds of individual small audio snippets; it’s quite fascinating to look at the project and think who I had the patience to puzzle together all those hundreds of audio pieces into something that is working.

Anyway, one day I figure out how to publish the other three selams.

Next, something psychedelic that happened last autumn.

Right-click to download Selam, Part Two


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