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Resident Advisor Podcasts

Posted on | August 21, 2007 | No Comments

ra.pngI started to place information in the links section of this web site with links to various resources I consult on a daily basis. To start with I will add various podcasts I’m listening to.

I’m really into podcasting nowadays, of many reasons. Think of it as radio but much, much better. It’s not tied to a certain time, so I need to open up the radio or net stream, it downloads when it’s available. Also, new episodes will show up in iTunes over time. I could drag these to any media player (i.e. iPod) I use, or then just play it on the computer, or even burn a CD if I need to. And the extended podcasting format makes it possible to embed images and links, so if those are available, I could find more information about artists this way.

I’ve been listening to the Resident Advisor podcast to soon six months, and it’s a very good program. Each podcast has a producer/DJ doing a mix with very contemporary music, and the quality so far has been very good, where good for me is an intriguing mix — not how well someone blends together two tracks, or using overplayed tracks, that’s boring for me.

Examples of recent Resident Advisor podcasts I’ve listened to is Dixon (funky, funky!), Vince Watson (well, trance is alive after all), Chateu Fligth (hurrah for those who experiment), Hector (what a surprise), and many others.


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