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Posted on | December 5, 2005 | No Comments

When jumping to a new project I tend to do a lot of research, get the feeling for the concept. In this case it’s about taking a guitarist from the early 70:ies, put him or her into a time machine, and transfer him or her into today. When arriving, into a studio, this guitar player finds a computer setup, drum machines, effects, and what would happen next?

I checked out the Cream renunion concert two nights ago, on PBS? It was fun watching it, especially as the first band I ever played in used to play Cream covers, such as Sunshine of your Love. Here’s by the way a weird dance remix of that song. Anyway, the beaty with Sunshine of your Love is the structure of the song, the ending is especially fun for a band as it ends up being a free-from jam session. I still remember gigs where this ending became a long fun session.

Another resource I’m using just now is radioio70s, available in the iTunes radio listings. The nice thing with this streamcast radio station is that they don’t play the obvious 70:ies hits, of which I must confess a large part is crap, rather album tracks, B-sides, and other interesting songs. What I’ve noticed was that bands and artists had far more freedom to experiment with songs, arrangements, lyrics…

So that’s good, I want to work on the next project as a free-form guitar/electronica album, anyway.


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