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Remixing Using Logic Pro

Posted on | June 2, 2007 | No Comments

vincent_di_pasquale.pngI just watched this really nice instructional video with Vincent Di Pasquale, showing how to use Logic Pro in remixing projects. You need to have an account to watch these instructional videos from Apple, but it’s free and easy to create one.

There were many good techniques shown in this video, how to figure out the BPM from a capellas, how to easily create stutter effects, reverse reverbs for voices, how to layer multiple bass lines with combiational effects, and much more.

The other nice thing, shown at the end, was that all this, tons and tons of audio tracks, plugins and software synths, could be easily handled with a MacBook Pro. Another reason why laptops today are serious contenders concerning main tools for audio work.

Anyway, if you are a Logic user and especially doing remixes, I really recommend watching this 22 minute video, as well as the other Logic Pro videos at this site.


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