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Recreational Music Making

Posted on | June 6, 2007 | No Comments

car_with_feet.jpgSomething that most of us battle is the creative spirit. The common problem is that we set aside a weekend or so to make two-three great tracks, and then we watch the screen, do some work, and the end result is disappointing.

While — at least in my case — most of the good ideas happen spontaneously, when I’m not planning on doing anything special.

So. What to do? One approach I have is to put together a 40-50 minute long track! I just do all kinds of interesting experiments in Logic, export the loops, open up Ableton Live, create 20+ tracks, and drag in material left and right, and see what happens.

There’s no pressure, no deadlines, or goals, just having fun. Then later, I could go in and chop up the parts, and refine and remix things, and export it as a track. Or, if it does not work, just forget it.

Now, I even exported those 50+ songs earlier on this web site. I just got chicken recently, as it’s good to keep a high standard on a lot of material, so I’ve been hesitant to export these out. I have one just now, but most likely I will chop out parts and export them as tracks along the way.

Also, if you have old songs you never got far with, just export the audio material. Then, reassemble it all together again in a new combination with other parts, and see what happens. This is where it’s so fun to work with Ableton Live, as the elasticity of tracks makes this possible. You could do the same in Logic if you create Apple Loops from the material, as well.

Anyway, the idea is to not establish high goals and expectations, just that will cause distress, and that’s the least we need when dealing with creativity.


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