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Recording Guitars as Samples

Posted on | September 7, 2008 | No Comments

Ibanez RG350DXI was reading an article in the October 2008 edition of Guitar Player where Todd Rundgren described how he recorded guitars for his soon released Arena CD. What he said was that his DigiDesign rig was not working (driver problems) when he started the project, so what he did instead was to record guitars and such as samples, clean them up and trigger them in Reason. So as I know this is the only record where someone has recorded a lot of guitar lines for a rock album and just trigger them here and there using Reason’s sampler.

Now, it’s also doable in Logic, maybe even easier. You could do multitake recordings of various guitar tracks, then select the take you want and use this one. Then just copy the whole region into another place and select another take from the multi-take session, so no need to use a sampler.

This is actually my approach in the forthcoming psychedelic pop/rock project. I will record multiple takes of guitar, bass and so forth, and mix there in here and there to make it all sound more organic, but it’s still a matter of arranging patterns of recording takes, not record the whole thing from beginning to end. This is one of the neat things using Logic and similar tools, unlike tape you have unlimited ways to reuse material.

PS: Yes, that’s a picture of my new guitar. Still busy getting it into shape, when you get stock guitars you get a good starting point, but then you need to tweak and tune the guitar to your liking.


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