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Receiving Record Label Material

Posted on | July 12, 2007 | No Comments

bright_swimming_pool.jpegOne of the hardest thing I personally have to deal with concerning a record label is receiving and responding to producers who are sending tracks to my record label, PlanetoidPark. The reason is that I know all the hard work they all are putting into their product, and are proud of it, and now I sit here and need to get back to them with some kind of information what I think about it all.

To be more diplomatic, most smaller labels operate with a certain style they have in mind, often not even thinking about the commercial success. I can’t speak of all of the underground electronic music labels, but in my case I’m always interested in distributing records that should be heard because they are different and interesting, not that they sound exactly like the latest big sound from London or Berlin.

So, if I get really good tracks, but they are let’s say hard house that this label is not really focusing on, I need to get back to the producer and tell something. I dreaded writing such letters before, because it’s not fun replying something back after all the hard work that was put into the production.

Anyway, a month ago or so, after a lot of internal debate, I came up with a very good solution — at least for me. I tell them that this is what our label is looking for, and if they are interested in sending more material, something like this would be great, and then I try to listen to their original material and give them pointers how the material would be more in tune with my label. Sometimes I also give them pointers to other labels that I think their music would have a better chance at. I avoid at all cost to sound negative — because music is heard differently by everyone, and judging it usually is futile.

So yes, if you are working on something really interesting and different, do send in material. Also expect that you might or might not get responses from various other labels, it really depends on so many parameters why some labels are not responding, but just don’t give up, there are so many labels out there, and if nothing else, it should not be hard to create your own label or net-label today. The trick is to differentiate the labels from each other, hence why we sometimes are indeed very picky for this purpose.

But a good and different sounding track should always be released, that’s my motto.


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