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Reason and Electro House Stems

Posted on | December 9, 2006 | No Comments

reason_logo.pngNo, this is about Propellerheads’ Reason, not about reason in general — not that reasoning makes sense.

I think I purchased Reason over three years ago. At that point it was an interesting package to try out, a self-contained studio. Over the years I used it less and less, mostly as I got more involved with Logic and Ableton Live use, and had less use of Reason of many, eh, reasons. In addition, I didn’t like the 3.0 version, the value with that upgrade was not that sensational.

But I always kept it around, recently on my wife’s iBook. I wanted to start working on electro house tracks — a combination of gritty synths and really clean house drum loops, so I just fired up Reason while watching TV. I added Subtractor and Matrix editor pairs, up to 12 at the end. And in the Matrix editor I used 32 bars and hit command-R to make initial random patterns, including velocity, and then even out so most of the tones hit about the same key, but not always. Matrix is neat in the sense that it really munches MIDI information around in the random mode, and you could get very unexpected and interesting sound patterns.

Then I just dumped out all the material as 24-bit AIFF files, and now I’m in the middle of taking the stems into Ableton Live and do more middle-level programming to fit things together, and then of course roll in those clean house drum loops. It will be interesting!

Anyway, Subtractor has that nice gritty electro vibe sound that I was looking for, so I got the job half-way done now. It’s also neat to have a system that works on a 1GHz iMac, just like that. So I have renewed hope to use Reason even more in future.


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