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Reason 4.0 Announced

Posted on | June 19, 2007 | No Comments

reason.pngMaybe you already heard, but Reason 4.0 was announced. If you go to the PropellerHeads web site, and click on the top level image blurb, and then click on the image itself, you get more info about the new features in Reason 4.0, including movies showing how it all works.

For me, 3.0 was not exactly what I expected, but 4.0 finally has the things I wanted to see, like a revised/updated sequencer. The ReGroove Mixer is also an interesting approach to make loops sound more human. They also seem to really like arpeggiators, the new Thor synthesizer has it built in, and there’s a new monophonic arpeggiator, RPG-8, that has cool ideas.

Reason is really like this big monolithic synth rack that you control via Rewire, or then write whole compositions using it only. For me, the later part is somewhat problematic, as I like to work in a more traditional DAW, and getting stuck inside Reason sometimes is limiting. But it’s also a very productive environment for quick-and-dirty work, for example writing game music where the clock ticks…

I placed myself on the beta list, so in case I get a chance to test it, I could write more about the first impressions concerning this promising release. Thanks Propellerheads, I think you are back on track.


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