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Radio Mixes

Posted on | April 11, 2007 | No Comments

cats.pngI did tonight a radio mix of a track for a project I can’t talk about yet, but if it pans out it will be really cool.

Radio mixes are actually tough to make, not that it didn’t take that long, but there’s another mind set when putting together a max four-minute track from an original dance track. It was easy with Ableton to just cut out four-bar time slots here and there to scale down the track, no need for a long intro and exit.

Also, I spent some time to make a big bang from the first four bars played, as the first eight bars or so are critical, if you don’t get the listened hooked, its over.

I also had to think about the intro-chorus-verse-chorus-verse-bridge-verse thing, been a while since I last had that mindset.

I need to make more radio edits of existing tracks long-term, anyway, as if I ever put out a compilation CD of PlanetoidPark material, the tracks can’t go over five-six minutes, anyway. Maybe it would be even best to render out radio mixes, anyway, as they are easier to sell.

There’s even an option to really make a radio mix first with an original track, and then extend it to dance remixes, hmm… Wonder who many are thinking like this, or is it old-fashioned producer thinking?


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