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Project Organizing on the Hard Disk

Posted on | July 23, 2007 | 1 Comment

full_project_listing.pngOK, here’s the current system how I organize my projects on the disk, and I’ve used it for over three years, and sometimes deviate from it a little bit, but hey, nobody is a robot. I learned it from an article I read long time ago, and it was modified, and I suspect if someone else wants to do something similar, you will make a variation of it.

The whole idea is to keep track of the project status in folders with clear sub-folders, and move them from one state to another during the lifetime of the projects.

I have a top level folder called Recording. Inside this one I have four top-level folders called: 1-Attik, 2-Production Material, 3-Work In Progress and 4-Shelf (the others are for Live and Logic temp recording material). Attik is where I place things that will just gather dust and I might or might not need it in future. Production material is anything I really think is interesting and should be moved to work in progress soon. However, that material could easily get back to the Attik, too. Work in progress is where the active projects reside. Shelf is the final resting place for finished projects.

Inside each one I have the exact same sub-folders, DJ Mixes, Interstitials (short one minute tracks, Performances (DJ recordings), Remixes, and Tracks, There’s also sometimes a Film and Effect section. Biowaves is a forthcoming podcast series, hint hint.

Inside these I have each project with a running number and a prefix, I use KX<four-digit number>, KX is from prefixes I’ve used in private programming projects.

When I then work on individual projects, when I do backups I just drag this same sub-folder to another hard disk, the KX<zzzz> number is the one that will indicate the project. I now also put a short name after it as it’s easier to remember project names than numbers.

Anyway, the trick is to move the projects from one state to another, and also be brave and move things to the Attik in case you know certain projects will certainly just gather dust in the future.

Oh, one last note, inside the project folders I also have a small info folder called “Samples not archived”, so I know which project I have gone through and archived into my SoundBank. Maybe I need to explain how my Soundbank looks like next!


One Response to “Project Organizing on the Hard Disk”

  1. Doug
    July 27th, 2007 @ 10:06 AM

    Reading backwards, per se, but again…great organizational post. Over the next three weeks, I will have some undisturbed time cut out to really begin such an endeavor….

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