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Productivity Software In My Studio

Posted on | November 17, 2006 | No Comments

voodoopad.pngLet’s talk about other software I’m using in my studio (MacOSX). The main note taking tool, database system, I’m using is Voodoopad. It’s really neat, it’s like a small wiki and note taking system. It makes cross-linked pages, you could do searches across all the pages, and the final document is one single self-contained file. The Lite version is even free.

I’ve tried all kinds of solutions to keep track of ISRC numbers, BMI registrations, project numbers, and so on, Excel spreadsheets, MySQL databases with web interfaces… The problem with most of these is that the maintenance takes time, cycles I rather would like to use to work on a mastering project, or writing music. Voodoopad is this nice open-ended scratch pad, or database, or list taking system.

For web page handling and uploading I’m using Transmit the ftp server and BBEdit text editor. Yes, I’m old-fashioned, have a set of php functions I’m maintaining. Most musicians have their own promotion web sites nowadays, so it’s good to have good tools for updating the web site.

I’m also usually running Quicksilver for quickly switching between applications. After a while you forgot how you could live without this app switching system. Sometimes I exit this application when doing studio work, just to be sure, then few apps run in my system — don’t want that crash happening in the middle of a big inspirational session 4am!

The rest is all the iLife applications, iWork and so on. I also use LameBrain for LAME MP3 encoding and xACT for the few times I use FLAC (Apple lossless is Ok for my own use). Otherwise I use QuickTime Pro and iTunes for all the audio encoding/decoding needs.


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