Production – Less is More

Ok, I’m trying do dump from my brain the little I know about production. So expect an article or two now and then. I’m no expert concerning productions, but you might find an idea or two that you could carry along to your projects.

First, the human brain, or mind, has a hard time keeping multiple things focused at the same time (some philosophies actually state that you could just keep one object in your mind, and there’s a rapid switch between multiple objects).

The trap producers easily fall into is that they know the songs inside out, and they kind of remember tiny details and want to hear more variations. While a listener, especially the first time, is confused about the multitude of sounds and arrangements.

There are exceptions, such as the famous Wall of Sound introduced by Phil Spector. Otherwise, keep things down to 2-3 parts working at the same time. If you have multiple melody lines, that’s just confusing, keep it to one, and have a syncopation or something else happening underneath.

Anyway, just don’t confuse the listener. It’s easy to switch to the next song on iPods.

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