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Production as Cooking

Posted on | November 21, 2008 | No Comments

081030-space-hubble-hmed-730ah2.jpgHere’s another thought I had recently about production work. Chefs and music producers have a lot in common.

You have a multitude of ingredients, but it does not make sense to put everything in with any kind of combination or rations. There’s a certain pattern that will work well. Through hard work and practice someone will get this in place.

Also, chefs have good taste so producers should have a good ear. They should know when something is missing, there’s something too much of something, or otherwise is balanced or wrong. Usually it is best if you know exactly what you want as the final product — not that experimentation in the beginning makes something interesting later.

That’s really it. Make sure each and every element of a track has its meaning. Sometimes less is better than more (note to myself.) Sometimes more is needed. Think of the final result. Serve something good.


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