Pretty Gritty Strange Mix 2 is Now Available

prettygrittystrange2_cover.pngGo this this link and there’s more info about the track listing as well as the download link.

Some additional notes. I really personally think that New Musik‘s 24 Hours from Culture Part II is one of the first minimalist tracks, it has an 808 drum loop, as well as very simple melodies and atypical chord progressions. I remember listening to that track ages ago and thinking: hmm, good idea, but it would never fly for a whole album. Little did I know that minimalist music is so big today. So I started the mix with this track. New Musik is anyway one of my big influences since the early days of my music creation phase.

Otherwise, the idea with the Pretty Gritty Strange Mix Collection is to try to achieve a balance of 1/3 pretty music, 1/3 gritty music, and 1/3 strange music. As in mathematics, it’s hard to get this balanced. This mix also has one of my own tracks at the end — many producers do mixes to promote their own material, so hey.

I also added in podcast links now for easy subscribing to all the mixes I will export, I actually have a couple of others lined up, like one with minimalist music. Some might wonder, hey where’s all the free music you usually uploaded. This is what happened. But rest assured, something cool will show up soon.

I tend to move between mix and track production modes — back and forth. Both are fun!

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