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Pool of Music

Posted on | December 12, 2009 | No Comments

fractal1I finally had time to finish one of my internal project.  This is flex-based code for streaming a directory full of MP3 files. My ISP, 1and1, just recently  changed their pricing policy so I have unlimited amounts of downloadable content — don’t need to pay extra for it. The plan is to clean up this flex/flash component so it could be used for any kind of streaming.

But just now the idea is to dump all kinds of old and new productions into this pool of music.

The idea is that I could just start the stream and listen to all kinds of half-finished or old projects from any browser available and get new ideas where to go next. As there are tens of hours of material it will be interesting if this stream of consciousness listening will result in new material, or new inspiration.

I think it’s in general a good idea to make this kind of pool of music. You could use iTunes/iPod or something similar to just collect all material, with a specific tag or album name. You might be surprised in case an old abandoned project suddenly makes sense, or could be re-used in an other context. Frank Zappa was famous for constant re-use of all his material as well as recording just anything. There was a reason behind it all.


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