Playlist – February 2010

  • Unkle – Heaven — How ambient voices should be produced.
  • Stevie Wonder – Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing — Take complex chord progressions and turn it into a pop hit.
  • Metric – Help I’m Alive — Good pop song, good arrangements, what else do you want…
  • Boards of Canada – I Saw Drones – Ambient could be short, too.
  • Howard Jones – Another Chance – You could do pop songs with arpeggiators.
  • Steve Vai – Aching Hunger — Wish I had that kind of vibrato technique.


  1. Great soul playlist mate! Also wish I knew how to make that vibrato technique but if it happens that you crack it let me be the first to know, Peace!

  2. I suspect getting the vibrato is to do one of those 72 hours straight technique practice sets that Steve Vai recommends. Then again playing 3+ hours with just vibrato would be a challenge in itself.

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