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Pat Travers – Heat In The Street

Posted on | December 23, 2009 | No Comments

Pat Travers Heat In The Street

Most of us have been in high school rock bands. I was in a trio. We played all kinds of rock music. Anyway, for me one of my guitar heroes of late seventies was Pat Travers. He’s still good today.

I heard his first album. Got this one later. There are many reasons why this record influenced my guitar playing style and guitar rock compositions.

To start with, they dared to use other tempos than 4/4, such as the title track Heat In the Street.

Secondly, this is a record where you could hear two extremely good guitar players, Pat Travers and Pat Thrall, really work well together.

Thirdly, even if this is somewhat more complex blues-rock, it is approachable.

Fourthly, there’s tons of energy in all the takes of each song.

And the guitar sounds are excellent. Not to speak of creative solos. The drum and bass section is super-tight.

Unfortunately this configuration didn’t last long. Pat Travers also did the commercial mistake of making a couple of records with more keyboards than the fans expected, I did not mind those but then again I think he lost some of his momentum.


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