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Parallel AutoFilter Tracks

Posted on | December 14, 2006 | No Comments

parallel_auto_filter.pngOk, here’s another trick I used tonight, kind of found it by mistake, but I’m sure many producers have figured this one out and used it.

I made a separate track in Ableton Live with a very strong autofilter that cuts off a lot of the low end, to make the sound high-sounded. Then I started to drag in various loops that already played in other tracks, and let the same loop play in this auto-filter track, with this other radical setting.

This sounds really nice, it double certain melodies or themes, or then they could continue with this other setting even after the original one has faded out. Makes it possible to reuse various parts and make the track more dynamic with the same material. You could also put in automation with filter changes so it sounds more dynamic.

Actually, recently I’ve used a lot of automation with the AUHighpass filter (MacOSX default plugin), they are already assigned to the tracks to cut off any low end not needed, but I play with the frequency values and sweep up and down to make the sound more dynamic along the way. Or, you could also automate the Ableton autofilter sweeps, as well.


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