Pandora DJ:ing

lights_and_trees.jpgRecently I’ve been testing out Pandora with a strange new angle, using it to put together DJ like sessions. Now, it was not about mixing together tracks, rathering testing out if suggestions of tracks would make a cohesive listening experience using dance music recommendations.

As the DJs will get more and more tracks as part of their laptop archive, it will not be uncommon to get lost in let’s say 10,000 tracks, figuring out how each one sounds like, or what works together with each other.

This is where Pandora’s suggestion system could be a meta-level solution that might show up in future DJ browsing systems.

So far I’m both hopeful and not delighted. One problem with Pandora’s marking of similar tracks is that it’s not deeply granular with underground dance music. For example, for a channel where I tried to make it play Berlin style techno, Tiesto tracks show up from time to time.

But I’m hopeful about this kind of browsing technology, with better and better classification of tracks — if possible where the end user could adjust the tags for each track — this might work just fine. So if someone is interested in another music software project, here was the idea.

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