Painters and Musicians

pilot.jpgI started to think about this today — they have a lot in common, especially concerning creativity and making paintings versus songs. Most painters have their own periods where they work on a specific style and then they move on — this is also common for composers.

Both the painters and composers could have problems with releases, too many paintings does not means that every painting is a master piece. A¬† good example is Picasso, I think most art medium to bigger sized gallerias in Europe has something¬† by Picasso on sale — even in the small town where I went to college in Finland. So it’s a matter of establishing some kind of filtering system in order to avoid releasing everything at all means. I think this is where some composers or musicians fail.

There’s also the other extreme of not releasing what you have produced, feeling that it is inferior. The problem is that the audience should make that decision, not the artist. I must say this is a tricky area as the artists don’t want whatever to be released.

Both painters and composers go through periods where they feel they don’t have anything to contribute. And then suddenly there’s this burst of creativity that produces more material than expected.

Did I mention that painters (and musicians) usually tend to be very emotional?

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