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audiofinder.jpgNext in our search for the audio content Nirvana we are looking at AudioFinder. You could read about the specs and so on at the IcedAudio web site.

I suspect there are other similar applications, been a while since I looked for similar appliations, though. The principle is simple, find audio resources, and manipulate them: copy to a known folder, filter, convert, chop, and so on.

It’s a good idea. However, in my specific case, I just feel that it is too much for a basic idea of quickly finding material from alternate browsing environments such as the Finder or Ableton Live.

So I would pay money for maybe 70% of the features I would never use — for example in the case of non-destructive editing with Ableton Live would not at all like to edit the original files. Most of my audio needs are also down to the level of .aiff files (and some occasional WAV file from Similarly, I preview from inside Ableton Live (or Logic), so there’s no need to do previewing outside these programs.

Anyway, I must applaud the software engineer(s) behind AudioFinder, it is a very nice program.

Next we will actually look at the intriguing possibilities of using Spotlight meta data…

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  1. You also might want to take a look at Snapper. It “snap’s” into the finder when selecting an audio file and gives you a wave view interface without leaving the finder.

    … and on top of that, the trail version gives you 100 days of free usage – and free (or somewhat free) is always good! ;)

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