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Oh Yeah and The Not So Long Tail of Digital Distribution

Posted on | October 17, 2008 | No Comments

oh_yeah.pngI finally found the Jan Hammer CD Oh Yeah? on Amazon, for a good price, so I picked it up. This is Jan Hammer’s quartet with him playing like a guitar god using synthesizers with fusion/funk stuff. Later he joined Jeff Beck and the rest is history.

I have a somewhat complicated history with this record. Long time ago, In Finland, I actually ordered the LP to a local record store. When it showed up I didn’t have any money so I could not pick it up. Sometimes I wonder if I have had the money, might have inspired me to get a Mini Moog or something similar and focus more on keyboard playing than guitar playing in my teens….

So I had to atone for my sins and now when I could afford any record I will finally get it into my collection.

There’s another secret reason behind getting it. If I ever end up again on a jam playing keyboards, instead of playing along with yet another typical organ or electronic piano solo, I will try to find a mini-moog like patch on the keyboard and go for it. That might be different from the myriads of keyboard solos at most jams around here… So I need inspiration. And a gentle touch on the pitch wheel, too!

As for the long tail. I really wanted to get the digital version, from iTunes or Amazon MP3. However, it is not available there. This is yet again a good example where I don’t think the long tail really works all the time. There are all kinds of reasons albums don’t show up on iTunes/Amazon MP3/eMusic and so forth. Sometimes there are all kinds of legal issues with the master tapes. Sometimes the record company who has the master tape is no longer around; it might even be that the original masters have disappeared, or are gathering dust in some unknown location. Maybe even the original tapes have just become so bad you can’t do much about it.

So it’s a big problem, the sooner a lot of older material is digitized and saved for the future generations, the better. But it all depends on the artists, the labels, those who control the content and so forth. So the idea of the long tail for consumers is a good one, but just hard to implement in real life.


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