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Odd Sounds – Absynth to the Rescue

Posted on | August 22, 2007 | 1 Comment

odd_statue001.jpgI wanted to write a song about Boltzmann brains — an odd topic — and needed odd sounds. It’s been a while since I last used Absynth, and the natural inclination when making strange sounds is indeed to first use this remarkable software synth.

And yes indeed, it’s not just odd spectral sounds you get, also odd sounding bass lines, as well as even rhytmic patterns that are not from your standard drum machine setup.

The thing I’m usually struggling with Absynth sounds is that they are so right in the high end, so many harmonics — even with taking down some of the track levels, it still cuts through.

As for the track, it didn’t take long to compose and finalize. This was one of those cases where I did the composition in Logic, and exported 24-bit AIFF files out to Ableton Live, and then reassembled it in a mix-like environment in about one hour. I still need to do a proper mastering and final check-down.

The other technique worth mentioning when exporting from Logic to Live is that I then use the re-pitch mode if I key in the exact same BPM as in Logic. This means that the quality is very much the same, no warping artifacts. I also do this with the drum loops exported.

As for the release, I doubt this could be released as an underground dance track, it’s 120bpm, and has too much oddities happening. Anyway, another reason I have the podcast channel in place to release material that can’t be released through normal channels, anyway. Meanwhile, check out about Boltzmann brains and see what the cosmologists are struggling with just now…


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  1. magdan
    December 7th, 2007 @ 2:29 PM

    While in Logic, in the Media Window, find GarageBand in the Library button and from GarageBand, explore the Synth Textures.
    (Select a track : Click the Media Window : Click on Library : Click GarageBand : and then Synth Textures)
    You should find some interesting «odd sounds», from mellow to harsh

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