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Non-Productive Band Marketing

Posted on | December 12, 2008 | No Comments

marketing001.pngWhen reading Craigslist postings on the musicians section — the one where musicians look for new members — there are more and more postings about bands playing (in addition to all the guitar teachers but that’s another story.)

There’s nothing wrong with that. I assume the idea is that musicians like to go out and listen to other bands playing. Well, to start with that market is super-tiny, there are not that many of us. Secondly, many are playing at other gigs at the same time so they can’t attend. Thirdly, musicians are picky so I doubt they want to go out and check yet-another blues cover band.

Same with Myspace that seems to become a market channel for band announcing events on each others’ Myspace pages.

All together, me thinks this is focusing on the wrong marketing approach. It would be far better to use other channels that could actually reach the audience that the band or artist could ignite an interest  for going to the venue. It really depends on the music style.

I give you an example. I sub:ed as a bass player for a local blues band where the band leader is a DJ at a local channel playing blues music. Actually the DJs had their own bands. The did lots of promotion using their radio station, so when the event happened it was a very nice crowd attending. Even better, they liked the music as it was targeted towards their interest.

So targeted marketing is always more productive rather than spreading thin and posting event noticed on craigslist musicans section or similar places with a hit-and-miss ratio close to 100%.


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