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Nintendo Wii

Posted on | November 19, 2006 | No Comments

nintendo_wii.pngOur kids got a Nintendo Wii today — after an early morning trying to find a store where the lien was short and they still had it. Anyway, I had to check out the sound solution — very impressed!

The stick hand controller has a small speaker, so when you for example play tennis and hit the ball, you hear the racket sound close to your ears. Same with other games, with the built-in rumble kit the controller is very natural.

In the sports games, themselves, depending on the outcome of the game, the audience has different reactions, audiowise. Sometimes it’s really dramatic, like when the last pin finally falls in bowling…

The default music in the setup section is this normal “Hello Kitty” nicety Japanese music, but when writing music for a game box, especially a generic one like Nintendo, you should not scare away anyone. Anyway, Nintendo did a very good job with this new game box.


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