Nine Days Being a Record Producer

asvalt_machine.jpgThe fruit company I work for gave us all the whole thanksgiving week off — thanks to the fearless leader! So I’m home, and could finally work on the project I started a year ago, but it went to the back burner due a lot of work that needed to be done in at daytime job.

So I have nine days, including the weekends, to work on making tracks for this record company project (more about that later).

Maybe most of you know the drag, when you work for yourself, there’s no manager, no schedules, deadlines, and things just will fall apart after a couple of days, you sleep until 11am, watch TV, browse the web, and so on. This time I will not fall into the trap!

Two things that have saved me so far (I have two tracks done in two days) is to have an make-believe manager. This manager of mine is really tough, he wants results, so I need to please him (he also has a female director, she’s more interested in the bottom line.) The other thing that helps to write a daily status report, using voodoopad, of what I have accomplished. If the list is short, the the manager will get after me…

I must say, I really admire self-starters and entrepreneurs, it’s very tough to constantly set goals for yourself, and drive things.

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  1. :) It is very easy to fall into that trap, yes! I like your make-believe manager idea :) Careful not to overwork yourself because it’s just as easy to get burnt out!!

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