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New York

Posted on | November 7, 2006 | No Comments

manhattan_skyscraper.jpgI was on a business trip to New York for three days, and finally back home. Meanwhile, stream-of-consciousness thoughts about the big apple.

  • Every time I got to NY I have the silly assumption that I will hate the busy city, but I really enjoy being there. It’s fun walking in a big crowd of many others, just melting in. I like the NY energy.
  • There’s a Starbucks nearly everywhere, but usually on the other side of the street just after you crossed it. It saw the trashiest Starbucks I’ve ever seen, at Times Square, but at least it was open 4am.
  • I felt more secure walking back to the hotel from Pacha/46st street across Manhattan than walking to my car in San Franscico in the middle of the might. Maybe it has to do with seeing far more cops around NY — hurrah for NYPD.
  • That city indeed never sleeps. You could find stores open around the clock, but not B&H, that is closed during sabbath.
  • I had a real immigrant feeling when I took a sight-seeing boat ride around the harbor and saw the Statue of Liberty in the late evening. This is what the immigrants saw as one of their first landmarks when they entered America. Not the San Franscico airport and an L-1 intercompany work visa that I got 16 years ago. So now I really feel like an American…
  • The subway system has its quirks, some lines close at unexpected times, like Saturday evenings.
  • It seems you can never go wrong buying pizza slices in NY, they all taste good!


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