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New World Order Of Licensing Music

Posted on | October 8, 2008 | No Comments

glove_ball.pngI saw yesterday an announcement about YouLicense, an eBay-like site where anyone interested in music could define a price and license music from music producers.

There are now plenty of somewhat similar sites where producers could upload their music and those interested could license: Musync,Gratis Music library… I think I joined some of those long time ago, but what usually happens is that one needs to constantly upload material. What happens in my case is that I run time concerning administrative work; or frankly speaking I rather spend time in the studio than working on such admin work.

There’s of course the school of thought that you get a little bit revenue here, a little bit here, and it all ads up. Then again, if you just get $20 or less for each site, there’s a limit where this is not really worth doing.

I think personally the best way to get revenue from licensing, as well as keep one’s integrity concerning the music style, is to create connections to film makers, TV producers and so on. Maybe joining Taxi is a half-step as you get your feet through the right doors — provided your music is good, or course.

There’s always the issue of integrity. A lot of these music libraries have the side-effect of directing the efforts to certain kinds of music, to the point where it’s bland and follows everyone else doing something like ‘marketing techno music’, blazing guitar rock tracks or something similar that is not really new and interesting. I think that’s the biggest danger if someone wants to license music and sells their soul. If that happens, think why the Devo guys are so successful when they produce music for films and advertisement…


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