My Playlist January 2010

Mission Peak-ishJust a bunch of songs that caught my attention while listening to my iTunes collection

  • Deerhoof – Believe E.S.P – Deerhoof is my solution every time I get too analytical with music making
  • Thin Lizzy – The Rocker – the ultimate rock song
  • Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place – if more bands could do electronica like Radiohead
  • Mike Keneally Band – Pride is a Sin – oh if I could play guitar and make songs like Mike Keneally
  • Isley Brothers – Climbin’ Up the Ladder — oh if new bands did funk like this
  • XTC – Poor Skeleton Steps Out – ultimate melody makers
  • Tim Fuller – Naked – one of the few that makes good tech house music
  • The Cure – Fascination Street – me thinks Cure’s best single ever

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