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My New Music Project

Posted on | October 23, 2006 | 3 Comments

ticket_automats.jpgBetter start with a new project before I’m getting stone cold, again..

This time I will try to put together 12-15 tracks of minimalist electro dance music, the closest I could explain the style is something similar as the newly released James Holden compilation James Holden at the Controls, or the tracks here in this Shiloh mix.

There are many reasons why: it would be fun trying out a style that is as contemporary as possible, to see how far one could go with it. Also, I would not mind for a while to make dance tracks that could be remixed or used for generic purpose, so this project will be more serious and constructive, need to keep a poker face and not go overboard. Oh well.

To make life more interesting, I’m toying with the idea to actually also make 12-15 pseudonyms, and each track would be unique, so it would sound like fifteen different artists or bands, while there’s only one single person behind it.

So that’s the challenge. As pre-work, I’m loading my iPod with this kind of music to study the formats and production styles. Hmm, lots of electronic drums, very simple oscillator bass synths, repeating lines, hihats have backbeats. So, production-wise that means I will use Automat, Zebra 2 and Logic’s Ultrabeat drum machines for a lot of this work. I think CamelSpace will also come in handy for gating and delay effects, maybe even CamelPhat to dirty the sounds. I might also need a granular synthesis tool or effect, or use of warp point mismanagament via Ableton Live to get more granular chop effects.

The other challenge is to minimize the arrangement section and try to think how DJs use such minimalist songs — that will be the biggest problem for me, as I want something to happen every four bars, and that’s not how minimalist electronica is produced. Hopefully this style is around another month, otherwise I need to change my plans midstream!


3 Responses to “My New Music Project”

  1. tricil
    October 24th, 2006 @ 6:01 PM

    you could dj mix those tracks together?

    or just be a “mix-able” compilation

    for other dj’s to pick and mix

  2. Kent Sandvik
    October 24th, 2006 @ 8:49 PM

    Good idea, I could event release them even as totally remixable Ableton Live parts…

  3. tricil
    October 26th, 2006 @ 2:46 AM

    that’s what my old band’s doing with our debut and final release…

    it’ll be a digital download: the album, some remixes, and an .als for people to further remix.

    we’re just waiting on the remixes… would you like to do one?

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