My Main Hard Disk Crashed Today

Well, it was the original IBM Deskstar 60Gb disk that was part of the PowerMac system I got over four years ago.

It’s always good to have backups, and most of my material is really stored outside my computer.

I just reinstalled Logic/Live and all the plugins, and some other tools I usually like using. I got an ATI/133 Matrox 100Gb disk from Frys for $59, so that’s a decent price. I don’t want to spend so much money on HW on this system, as I really want to move to the Mac Intel side as soon as possible.

Anyway, always keep your tools on a separate set of CDs or DVDs, with the registration codes included, as well as any of your favorite patches. When you reinstall you save a lot of time if you are organized (and I’m barely organized, myself).

Just to test out the systems I did a quick Film music snippet, Unternet.

As for email, I use gmail quite a lot, everything’s there, and the other accounts I use are all IMAP accounts, all stored outside my world, so I didn’t lose any emails.

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