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My Latest Toy – SFXMachine RT

Posted on | November 19, 2008 | No Comments

machine.jpgI got the SFXMachine ST last night – they’ve had a special sale on this one for $25 (group buy) for the last couple weeks (normal price is $99) so it was a no-brainer to get this one just for fun. And it’s indeed a fun plug-in, as the effects, besides the normal ones, are quirky, reminds me of early seventies effect fun. The backwards effects are interesting, especially with voices, gettin that “Electric Ladyland” production sound. So this plug-in will be useful for more psychedelic experiments.

I looked at the big brother, SFXMachine Pro, but then again the RT is fine for me, as I have so many effect plug-ins already in addition to all the goodies in Logic Pro 8.

You could try out the simulator here to see what SFXMachine Pro could do.

Another part that I liked was the FM and Modular Synth sections. They are really generators, always on as an effect, producing various plastic synth sounds. I could control the volume via automation as well as other parameters, so it’s useful for strange electronic drones — already used in a track I did last night similar to Todd Rundgren’s “I Think You Know” with those bubbly synths here and there. And yes, I added a couple of arpeggiators, too, to make it more realistic in getting that early-seventies synthscape sound.


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