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My Latest Toy – Line 6 Gearbox Gold

Posted on | October 16, 2008 | No Comments

Line6 GearboxI saw that Line 6 was dumping GearBox Gold kits, they used to be $399, then $199 and now $99. So I ordered one from Amazon. With free shipping this is a steal. I suspect they wanted to dump these kits as they just announced the new USB guitar interfaces. I won’t use the USB interface included, anyway, but it needs to be part of the system as it is also functioning as a ‘dongle’ for the AU plugins that GearBox contains.

Anyway, can’t say no for 78 guitar amp simulations, 24 guitar cab models, 22 bass amp models, 22 bass cab simulations, 6 vintage mic preamp models and 80+ stompbox effect models. Or, as my wife stated, that’s really all you need from now, no need to get more plugins for the guitar and bass. We will see.

I think I also remembered that the Line 6 representative over at AES two weeks’ ago stated that  there will be a free upgrade path to their new PodFarm software. Even if so, I don’t mind paying a little bit to upgrade when PodFarm is available — suspect that will neither be that expensive as companies want people to upgrade if possible. If so this is even a bigger good deal than I expected.

I’ve been recording a lot of my guitar tracks using my PodXT, but it seems I got more and more involved in using Logic’s amp simulations for both bass and guitar as there’s more flexibility to change the sound, especially when double-tracking guitar parts. What I do when I’m in a hurry is to record on rhythm guitar region, copy it to another track, then change the delay parameters (-5 and +5), as well as pan the tracks left and right. Then you immediately have a nice guitar spread sound. If I change the amp models I could make the tones different, too.

Now, when I’m not in a hurry I do two different rhythm tracks, as that is more interesting, but takes more time as you need to learn the first track internally so you could follow along with the other rhythm lead without clobbing or otherwise sounding not in sync. A lot of guitar tracking has to do with not playing over each other — and even if it is the same guitar player, you still need to learn what you played half an hour earlier…

PS: Podfarm has two different signal paths! Nice, so I could do combo sounds on one track, it’s another option to make a fatter guitar sounds using two different amp setups at the same time. Not that copying to another track and selecting a separate amp is the same thing, plus I could do panning and other separate effects inside Logic.

PSS: Yep, the upgrade to PodFarm will be free for any GearBox owners.


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