My Latest Surprise Find on eMusic – Dungen

Dungen psychedelic rockOne of my main reasons I subscribe to eMusic is to find bands and artists that have fallen below my radar screen of many reasons — one  being that there are so many out there nowadays. Dungen is one of those finds, done last night. I downloaded their album named 4 that is their fifth album, hehehe.

Imagine this contemporary Swedish band that sounds like psychedelic bands from the late sixties or early seventies and you get close to the sound: slamming drums, cranky fuzz, swirly lyrics and so forth. Even if one might imagine that this is close to a parody, similar to Spinal Tap, it all works out really well.

In addition, the singing is in Swedish; I’m one of the few that would understand the lyrics. Even the name, Dungen, is strange until you know the translation: the Groove (like a place, similar to a meadow, but like a drop in the landscape.)

For the last three months I’ve had this streak of wanting to put in more psychedelic sounds into my productions, so  this band was indeed fun listening. If they ever show up here on the West Coast I will check them out live, as I suspect that would enhance the experience of this band.

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  1. Just saw them live in Los Angeles. They’re a great band! Some of the best production I’ve heard in a long time.

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