My latest Purchase – Line 6 Spider III 75 Guitar Amp

spideriii.jpgI think I need to get Line 6 T-shirts… My studio is getting full of Line 6 gear. I just got a Line 6 Spider III 75 guitar amp. I have an old Marshall JCM900 50W combo (that I’m trying to sell just now), as I wanted a light-weight guitar amp for session work.)

The nice thing with Spider III amps is that they have 12 amp simulation models, each sounding different. Yes, it does not sound exactly as a Marshall, and a trained ear could hear some issues with the mid-range levels, especially when pushing through a 12″ Celestion speaker.

Anyway, for a majority of the audience they would not notice anything. But for me as a guitar player I could have fun with all kinds of interesting settings, all built into the amp, including many basic effects.This one is also a 33 pound unit, so it’s easy to transport around.

Plus, it’s fun having so much flexibility as a guitar player on stage.

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