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Posted on | January 29, 2006 | No Comments

Ok, purchased a little bit more MP3 music from emusic today. I got the Sasha Fundacion NYC, always interested to hear how Sasha takes multiple tracks and uses Live to make new ones from those.

And I found a couple of interesting remixes by Ulrich Schnauss over at emusic, and that reminded me to order his A Strangely Isolated Place from Amazon — tried to find that CD here in the Bay Area for a month, but there are less and less places wherefrom you could purchase CDs today. I’m a big fan of Ulrich Schnauss, this because he has his own unique style, kind of English guitar new wave style done with synths. It’s very cinematic in style, too.

You could find some of his material as downloaded MP3 files over at his site, too, so check them out.

I’m a big fan of artists that sound unique using electronic instruments: James Holden, Boards of Canada, Loop Guru, Photek, and so on. The litmus test is that you hear a new track, and you could nail down within seconds who the artist is.

Going back to Sasha, what I like about his remixing style is that I would pinpoint out a Sasha mashup due to the style he’s using. So there’s nothing wrong with remixing and DJ use — the icky part is if you just sound like any other DJ, remixer, or producer. What’s the deal with that?


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