My favorite hiphop/rap song just now and Beastie Boys

disconnected.jpegChopping Heads /with Tes by Funkstorung! Here’s the emusic entry. That’s where experimental hip-hop and rap should go, instead of the commercial bing/gold-chain stuff today.

Long time ago, on another planet, when I used to DJ in the early 80ies, it was common to play both fast disco tracks, early day electronic house music, as well as rap/hiphop. The hiphop tracks were not always below 100bpm, too, so the audience could dance. Those days are gone.

Actually, I will check out the new Beastie Boys album. The Mix-Up, that is arriving very shortly. They again play instruments on this record, instead of using samples. It’s even an instrumental only record… There’s a video of “The Gala Event” over at amazon.

Beastie Boys are nice, they are pushing the boundaries. I also saw that you could download their a capellas at their web site, very nice!

Anyway, I think even in a supposedly stagnated musical realm like rap music and hip hop, there’s always someone who will push the boundaries, and then that shows up on my own radar screen.

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