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My ‘Check the Mix Route’ in Silicon Valley

Posted on | January 22, 2006 | No Comments

Most likely only those who live around here in Silicon Valley knows this route, but hey. This takes me between 45-50 minutes, and that’s the time I need to listen to an LP of material that I usually put together. I dump the material via WaveBurner to a CD, and jump into the car, and slowly drive around.

This usually happens at evenings, 9-11pm. Sometimes I have a cop car behind me, most likely wondering why this lonely car is driving around on a late Saturday evening, if I’m ever stopped, I wonder if they believe what I’m doing…

Anyway, I start from West San Jose, and drive to Cox, and via Cox Avenue and Saratoga I end up on Saratoga-Sunnyvale ave. This turns into De Anza Boulevard in Cupertino, and I’m driving past the Apple headquarters, and continue to Sunnyvale. Then at El Camino Real I turn off to the right. El Camino Real is part of the ancient Spanish royal highway between San Francisco and Mexico. Most of the road is no longer present, but here in the Valley it’s a stretch from the beginnings of the peninsula up to San Francisco, and most of it is stores and shopping centers. It was quite an interesting experience first time I drove along this road up to San Francisco about ten years ago.

Anyway, turning right and driving along that street, listening to the mix. It’s good we have 35-40 mph driving speed restrictions, so there’s little noise in the car. At Kiely I turn to the right, I’m kind of halfway now, 25-30 minutes of listening to the mixdown. Then I’m driving Kiely, crossing Lawrence where all the myriad car dealer spots are, and over to Saratoga Avenue. Then driving along Saratoga, over 280, and turning off at San Thomas Aquito, and then along that one back home.

So don’t be surprised if you see a white Mazda 3 driving around one late evening with a person deeply immersed in a music mix…


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