My 80-Hour Music Work Week

stuff_in_the_sky.jpgI got the whole next week off. Typically I get a vacation, have big plans, and then I just goof off, reading books, watching old movies and so on. This time it will be different.

My goal is to spend 80 hours of doing anything related to music, mixing, new tracks, uploading promos, just all kinds of things on the backlog…

To make it more challenging, we are off for a Southern California vacation four days next week, too. Anyway, you could do a lot of work with a laptop.

Yes, that also includes posting more entries to this blog.

Even if I don’t reach the goal of 80 hours work, at least there was an attempt. Sometimes it’s good to set huge goals, and see what will happen. Another outcome is that I need a lot of 80% done material so I could fix them up during December and January and release tracks, so it looks I’m very busy, while it’s just a lot of material already cooking.

It’s a good trick to always keep something around, close to being finished, and you could this way have a steady release cycle.


  1. To be honest, setting 80 hours of work to a goal is lousy decision.

    I’ve read a lot of zen oriented material online lately. These blogs have really given me things to think about.

    You can work for 80 hours but still get nothing done. Working 80 hours isn’t a goal, it’s a way to reach you goal.

  2. Go for it! Enter the sequence!! “Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire.” – Arnold H. Glasow

  3. I like zen. I like goals, too. It’s not the result, it’s the attempt, or journey that counts. So far I’ve clocked 15 hours, got my releases under control, i.e. sent my new EP to the aggregator, pushing out BioWaves 006, I’m happy.

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