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…must… write… blog… entry

Posted on | June 14, 2007 | 1 Comment

alien_autopsy.jpgI’m just back from the Apple World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco (a 50 minute drive), and I’m mentally tired, but just wanted to write an entry that yes I’m still alive and will post more entries this weekend — with an Ableton Live focus. Don’t worry, this will not become a Twitter-like site!

Usually I try to attend audio sessions, but this time I was just over for a day, and attended the Aperture export plugin presentation that an engineering buddy of mine gave, and he did an excellent job — never seen so much code written on the screen that worked just fine while he presented how to write such plugins.

I also went to some other non-audio sessions, mostly related to new features in Cocoa and the compilers — got to know that kind of stuff in my job… So sorry, nothing audio-wise to report. But I’m sure various companies are busy working on new audio software using Leopard.

Oh, one last thing! Check what happens in the Ableton Live browser if you select various audio files and hit the return key… Wouldn’t it be better that all the files selected and hit return (our double-clicked) would go to the selected audio track instead of creating new ones? Or if you select another row, they go to that row instead of always to the first one… If you don’t like that behavior, send Ableton a bug report about this to raise the voice. I think for DJ session cases it would be nice if we could control where the audio tracks are sent from the file browser in this case, instead of the need to drag them over with the mouse to specific locations…

PS: No, that’s not me sleeping in my bed…


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  1. Nizfrossereeve
    February 24th, 2008 @ 5:44 AM

    Damn mom, that was hot!

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