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Music Style

Posted on | May 21, 2007 | No Comments

blue_cat.jpegOK, now we arrive at the ultimate way of marketing/promotion. Create your own style. If you are one of the first, you are indeed noticed, provided the style is in fashion, or is noticed.

Let’s look at some historical examples. Jimi Hendrix is for me the one that introduced the guitar-hero-improvisational style of rock. After Jimi Hendrix the guitar music was never the same. As an example, if someone has as many copycats as Jimi Hendrix, it’s a good sign.

Now, Jimi Hendrix didn’t just suddenly get his style, it was a combination of talent, hard work, and willingness to go beyond what other guitar players had done. So you can’t just invent a new style. It’s good to have talent, as well as work hard and experiment, and when you find the formula, fine tune it.

It also means that launching a new style is not a matter of days, it could take months and even years. Furthermore, the more influences you get, the better chance of building a new style, as it’s close to impossible to just invent something, most if not all of music is based on mixing together other styles.

Yes, I’m working on a new style, but it’s not yet complete, so I better not talk about it until the material is available!

Maybe I should switch over to another topic for a while… Let’s go through some interesting ways to use Ableton Live.


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