Music for 52 Minutes of Woo Koo is Done

synth_taking_off.jpgIt helped having a week off from work. That and reading many strange SF books recently. Oh, and also having fun with my latest SW synth purchase, Zebra (more about that later).

All this work was done in less than three hours today. Here’s a list of the last songs that I composed, arranged and produced for this 52 minute thingie: Electronic Dolphins Reboot, Devonian Funk, Data Dump City, Exmento and Eternal Friday.

I will actually take Exmento and make it to a 12″ track later. Most of that was done with Zebra and its fun arp patches.

Next I need to dump down it all as a long track and do critical listening, fix anything odd, do a final mix with Logic (really like the Logic Exciter nowadays), and then export it all. Don’t know how long it takes, maybe end this week, or a little bit more.

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